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31 MAY to 16 JUNE 2019


01 June to 16 June 2019

*Out There Collective: Images by John Botton, Gail Stent and Judy Stokes

*SOURCE: Images by Leon Rose, Ian Mcrae, Mareea Vegas and Marc Thompson

*YOUL: Images by Jungim Kim

Digital Screens:

01 June to 08 June 2019 

*Whakaari / White Island, Artists - Mark Purdom, Paul Nelson and Kent Macpherson

*David Vale

09 June to 16 June 2019

*YOUL - Jungim Kim

* Random Street Portraits - Tony Reddrop

Out There Collective - EXHIBITION

Room 1

1-16 June 2019 

John Botton,

Gail Stent,

Judy Stokes, 

A group of well know Auckland photographers use each other to bounce off creative ideas and get honest critique about their work in the Out There Collective. The name of the collective is to remind them that they want to push photography’s boundaries, and this is often brought up in the frank discussions had by the group.


​Room 2

1 -16 June 2019

Leon Rose,

Mareea Vegas,

Ian Mcrae, 

Marc Thompson

Contemporaries and friends, Mareea Vegas (former festival winner turned judge), Leon Rose and Ian Mcrae reunite after the success of the SOURCE 2013-2018 group exhibitions for the festival. This year they welcome to the group Whitecliffe Graduate Marc Thompson, who brings with him his penchant for modest minimalism. The exhibition will be an aesthetically tasteful and contemporary show of fine art photographs with up to 20 delicately printed digital and film prints. Each artist will explore different yet complimentary themes around light, landscape and perspective; the combined show a creative interpretation by the viewer.


Room 4a & 4b

1 June -16 June 2019

Jungim Kim

Digital Screens

Room 3

31 May - 8 June 2019 

Mark Purdom + Moving Image; Paul Nelson, Sound; Kent Macpherson.

Part of the Fissure theme - Auckland Festival of Photography 2019 as a digital presentation.

Whakaari / White Island, Artists - Mark Purdom, Paul Nelson and Kent Macpherson collaborate on an audio-visual work titled Whakaari/White Island, which pays homage to the majesty of the active volcano. A study of the physicality and brutality of the place by examining the tiniest of parts.

Mark Purdom’s photographic work, while a commentary on people’s influence on the environment, also plays with our concept or arguably our preconceptions of the picturesque. Mark is originally from England and since moving to New Zealand, he has participated in various group and solo exhibitions at home and internationally.

Purdom is recognised for his work by the New Zealand National Contemporary Art Awards, Renaissance Photography Prize, Association of Photographers UK, Royal Photographic Society, International Photography Awards, New Zealand Photobook of the Year and the Portrait Salon Awards UK.  Recently he has exhibited at the Athens Photography Festival - Greece, Month of Photography - Los Angeles USA, I Book Show - Taiga Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia, J Book Show - Cork Photo Festival, Ireland, Singapore International Festival of Photography and the Xian Art Museum, China.

Mark studied for his Masters Photography at the University of Brighton, England.  He is a lecturer at the School of Media Arts, Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, New Zealand. 

Digital Screens

Room 3

31 May - 8 June 2019 

David Vale

Presented as part of the Digital Screens initiative, is photographer David Vale.

"Since emigrating to Auckland over 20 years ago, my family have lived in close proximity to One Tree Hill. Always a short walk away, the kids have grown up with One Tree Hill as a back drop. Family pick-nicks, walks, bicycle rides and family photos. When I was looking for a personal photography project One Tree Hill seemed the obvious choice. I have attempted to show the many different ways people enjoy One Tree Hill through the medium of black and white photography. Hope you enjoy the show."

Digital Screens

Room 3

9 June -16 June 2019 

Jungim Kim - YOUL
This is a documentary about my daughter, the best gift of my life. I hope she will always grow up bright and good natured, as in this picture. I will do my best to help her along the way.

Digital Screens

Room 3

9 June -16 June 2019 

Tony Reddrop - Random Street Portraits
Who are the people that make up Palmerston North? After a decade of living here, I started to ask, do I really know? How could I show the diverse mixture of people that live, are passing through, coming back to Palmerston North, after years of being away?

Over a period of twelve months, at Random, I would sit at the same location each weekend, depending on the weather, and ask people if I could take there Portrait.  I was able to observe a diverse range of people, more diverse than I previously thought , but more importantly, listen to their stories.

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