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 “Volition”, meaning: “The power to choose”, features the works of 12 contemporary New Zealand artists with differing practices. This exhibition reflects each exhibitor’s unique interpretation of the theme “Control”, leading to an interesting and varied exhibition. 

Exhibiting artists are Wendy Brandon, Cathy Carter, Barbara Cope, Sonja Gardien, Di Halstead,

Marc McFadyen, Delena Nathuran, Alice Ng, Bertie Plaatsman, Céline Sayé, Stacey Simpkin and Melissa West.

All Images are for sale. See Image Details below.

Wendy Brandon

Cathy Carter

Barbara Cope

Sonja Gardien

Di Halstead

Marc McFadyen

Delena Nathuran

Alice Ng


Bertie Plaatsman

Céline Sayé

Stacey Simpkin

Melissa West

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