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Bio: Carol Bisset’s emergence into the field of the Visual Arts began in the United Kingdom where much of her early Art training took place after leaving school. During the following six years, she immersed herself in her Arts practice and began forging a future career in Art Education. A Sculptor and Installation artist formerly based in Brisbane Australia, but now residing in Tauranga, Carol’s work frequently calls upon intensified emotional and physical records of past encounters with people and places. Her use of ephemeral, ‘found objects’ and low tech materials with their associated histories creates a series of curiously subtle and elusive transformations. What is seen, and how it is seen, is controlled through the use of artificial light which softens the edges between real and invented space. Lighting with its complimentary shadows, serves to define or negate information, disrupting the viewer’s reading whilst adding not only an emotional charge, but a sense of secrecy and confidentiality. Some of Carol’s most noted exhibitions have been held at Span Gallery, Melbourne, Centre of Contemporary Arts,Christchurch, Auckland University of Technology. She was selected to become part of the annual 15 Artists exhibition at Redcliffe City Art Gallery Queensland Australia.Carol holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons) in Sculpture, De Montfort University, Master of Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Post Graduate Art Teaching qualification and Master of Art Education, Birmingham Polytechnic.

Since completing her Masters of Art at RMIT in Melbourne, Carol has worked extensively in Adult Education both privately and within tertiary institutions.In 2006, Carol established a number of privately run Contemporary Art Programs within the Moreton Bay Region. As a result of completing these programs, a number of mature age students have gained entry into tertiary study at Queensland University of Technology and are continuing their journey as the new emerging talents within Queensland. Professional recognition has been gained through her involvement in various advisory panels including Regional Arts Development Funding Committee and Moreton Bay Arts Council (Vice President) Australia and Creative Communities Funding Committee Tauranga. During 2011 Carol held the year long position of Artist in Residence at Studio Red, Redcliffe State High School during which time she organised an exhibition of regional contemporary art works and artist talks which were delivered to students at the school. Currently she is part of the ‘Incubator Artist Collective’ where she holds a studio space in Tauranga. Having been involved in running numerous private and publically run workshop initiatives both in New Zealand and Australia, Carol has always enjoyed the challenge of running an arts practice alongside a teaching practice; both spark a level of creative thinking, communication and interpretation which is compelling, energetic and engaging throughout the length of their individual journeys. 

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