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Bio: Cathy is an artist, working with photography and installation, based in Grey Lynn, Auckland. She graduated from AUT University with a Master of Art and Design (Hons) 2013. Carter is a two-time finalist in the Wallace Art Awards (2016 and 2014), and the international HeadOn portrait prize (2016 and 2015). She was a finalist in the 2016 Walker and Hall Waiheke Art Prize. Carter’s work has been exhibited in Sydney, Paris and New York, Auckland, Wellington and this year opening on 1st July for 3 months in Szczecin, Poland. ‘Water is Life’, and her source of inspiration. In her work she explores bodies of water as physical, cultural and social ‘landscapes’. Through the use of intimate perspective she seeks to embody seeing as an experience rather than solely as observation. As spaces of isolation and destabilization, the bodies of water depicted in her work offer sensuous and psychologically compelling encounters, and explore human vulnerability in these environments, as well as the critical vulnerability of our oceans and waterways at this time in history.

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