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Susan Blick

"I had been studying Visual Journalism at the Commercial Institute of Photography (UCOL) and I was eager to try out my new photostory-telling skills. One day as I was scrolling through Instagram #India I came across some clever examples of charity-done-right and set about researching the organisation Aasraa Trust to find out more about them. Immediately I was enthused and wanted to get involved. Aasraa was built from the ground up, by Indians for Indians, and they keep administration costs extremely low, unlike Western-run charities, which really impressed me. They also tackle the street children issue in a practical sense, and this largely sets them apart from other NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations).

Hey I’m in India, so I decided to not only take photos for the Trust, but also travel around a bit to photograph some of the stunning sights. With four previous visits already under my belt I was keen to get stuck in once again. You’re never disappointed when you travel through India."

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