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Bio:Peoples' Friendship University of Russia(Ph.D.)

Graduate School of Art & Design, Sangmyung University(M.F.A)

Dept. of Photography, Sangmyung University(B.F.A.)


Jungim Kim is a documentary photographer and a professor of photojournalism at Sangmyung University in Korea. Her images have been exhibited in many other countries as well as in Korea and she also has participated in numerous group exhibitions.


The main theme of her work is people. In particular, Jungim has photographed a variety of people who have worked in one field for more than 20 years. From them she has learned more about life.


Jungim has taken a year off, and is been living in Auckland with her 6-year-old daughter. She has been documenting her daughter Youl’s life ever since she was born. This is the subject of the exhibition shown during the Auckland Festival of Photography. 

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