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Photobook Reviews - Don't miss this opportunity.

Date: Saturday, March 4th Time: 9:10am – 2:30pm Venue: Studio 541 Location: 541 Mount Eden Road,

Mount Eden, Auckland

Spaces Available: 12 AIPA Member Price: $149.50 Bookings: Present your dummy book, photo series or page spreads to leading photobook creators and publishing experts for invaluable feedback and advice in a series of four 20 minute one-on-one conversations. The reviews are for photographers with an existing photography project or photobook idea who want to learn about the process and pitfalls of book creation, production and publishing, from concept and funding, through to editing, design, print, pricing, distribution, selling and promotion. Our reviewers will help you refine ideas or photo selection, make layout and design suggestions, explain the impact of book formats and edition sizes, discuss budgets and advice on how to self or trade publish successfully. Reviewers include Harvey Benge, Anita Totha, Haru Sameshima and one more to be announced shortly.

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